01 Aanleggen Moerbed M9 Hillebrand GP2013_07_16_10
02 Moerbed appelonderstammen Hillebrand GP2013_07_16_02
03 Turf in moerbedden aanbrengen Hillebrand GP2013_07_16_05
04 Turf in moerbedden aanbrengen Hillebrand GP2013_07_16_01
05 0 Kwee MC geplant in kwekerij Hillebrand GP2013_07_16_01
06 nkruidspuit kwekerij Hillebrand GP2013_07_16_02
07 Chip-budding appelbomen GP2013_08_29_15
08 hip-budding appelbomen GP2013_08_29_17
09 Appelbomen 2-jarig Hillebrand GP2013_07_16_10
10 Appelbomen 2-jarig Hillebrand vastzetten GP2013_07_16_08
11 NAKTuinbouw waarmerkstrookje Hillebrand GP2013_07_16_01

Hillebrand Nursery

On the fertile clay-soil of South Flevoland, the Hillebrand Nursery grows an extensive range of fruit trees and rootstocks.
The nursery supplies fruit trees to a large number of professional fruit farms, both in and outside of Europe. The Hillebrand rootstocks find their way to numerous leading fruit tree nurseries in a wide range of countries.
The Hillebrand Nursery is known to both fruit growers and nurseries as a supplier of reliable high quality fruit trees and rootstocks.
The fertile clay soil in the youngest Dutch polder guarantees optimum growth and root development of both fruit trees and rootstocks.

Hillebrand Nursery supplies all the common, and many new, varieties of apple and pear trees and a limited range of plum and cherry trees. NAKTuinbouw supervises rootstock and fruit tree production.

The Hillebrand Nursery – Product range:

Fruit trees, apple trees, pear trees, cherry trees, plum trees, rootstocks for apple (Malus), quince (Cydonia), plum and cherry (Prunus), bench grafts, dormant buds.

Chip-budding appelbomen GP2013 08 29 17
Appelbomen 2-jarig Hillebrand GP2013 07 16 05